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Program Descriptions

Parenting Support Content

Aimed at reaching all parents, we create easy to access videos, workshops, online and in- person programs to educate and coach toward growth in every facet of parenting: from how-to’s and day-to-day struggles, to setting healthy boundaries to how to budget for family needs.

Resource Navigation

A holistic view of parenting means a commitment to helping families meet their needs and connect with resources in the community. We provide referrals, have conversations about available programs, and help people understand what community services are available to support them and meet their needs.

Diaper Program

We believe that having an adequate supply of diapers is essential to the health and wellness of children and their parents. We provide a monthly supply of diapers via our Diaper Benefit Card- the first and only of its kind in New York State. We also try to fill the diaper insecurity gap through our Emergency Diaper Closet locations.

Diaper Program is at capacity.

Baby Showers

Expectant mothers are celebrated and provided with all of the infant essentials they need. Baby Showers are thrown once a month for mothers in their third trimester of pregnancy.

Maternal Community Health

Mom Starts Here Community Health Workers are stationed at Schenectady prenatal care centers to support expectant mothers by providing resources and education. This program is a collaborative partnership through the Schenectady Community Health Worker Hub.

Free Baby Shop

Parents who are in need of baby items and accessories are welcome to shop our Free Baby Shop. The shop’s inventory is based on donations and carries size Preemie through 5T. Non-English speaking parents are welcomed monthly for an accessible Baby Shop event called Heart and Home.

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