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Parents with Infants

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This is great that Mom’s Start Here decided to create this group. I am a new mom trying to navigate life, work, home and baby. People will have me to believe that once a baby comes life is over. I refuse to believe that. Adjustment must be made, but I’m certain there’s room for me. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I’m excited to learn and get some much needed advice from other moms.

Hey! So excited you're here :) Life definitely looks different after a baby, but you still matter! It is hard to figure out what me-time looks like with a new baby, and it changes as the baby grows too. Theres room for you mama! I often think of my kids as an extension of me, as part of me. That mindset makes it feel less irritating when I'm needed all of the time. I still definitely need breaks though!



This group is for parents who have an infant, a child under ...
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